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سه شنبه, 13 نوامبر 2018

Engineering Services

Today, considering tough competition between industries, despite:
1-  Availability in the market by keeping vigil in regard to every motion and
    commotion in the world market through comprehensive network
2- Offering competitive prices,
successful companies are come out by:
a- Capability in performing highly qualified         
    engineering services before sell.
b- Ability in meeting the After Sales Services
    such as;   duly supply of spare parts, on-
    time commissioning and start up, giving
    necessary assistance in trouble shooting
    & analytical fault finding.
  ARYA TEC has come to this understanding that; the only way for enjoying from a good reputation is to obey the mandatory mentioning under Item Nos. a & b herein above.




Engineering Services of Our Company is divided into three parts as follows:

           Glass Industry           Refractory Industry           Designing of Industrial Furnaces
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