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سه شنبه, 13 نوامبر 2018

Commercial Activities in Glass Industry

Our enthusiasm for obtaining an acceptable grade in the Glass Industry of IRI, made us to approach reputable companies in Europe to acquire necessary Technology, knowledge and know how in respect to:

1-          Performing Engineering Services.
2-          Acting as Consultant for de-bottlenecking and/or expansion and/or improvement of production lines.
3-          Recommendation of suitable machinery, equipment and/or tools.



So far, we are well equipped technically and commercially for producers of followings based on above mentioned three items:
1-          Bottles and Jars.
2-          Table Ware Glass Articles.
3-          Flat and Special Glasses.

                (Know more about the most important Glass Manufacturers in Iran)

To gain more information concerning the scope of our services in all aspects of the Glass Industry, please download bellow file.
   Download : GLASS SERVICES           File Size 35 KB
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