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سه شنبه, 13 نوامبر 2018

 Commercial Activities in Ceramic and Refractory Industries

Rich reservoirs in our Country made us to develop our business with respect to marketing of following items to Domestic Users to comply with the Rules and Regulations of IRI. Hopefully, we are planning to extend this business to foreign countries.
1-          Silica.
2-          Feldspar.
3-          Magnesia.
4-          Iron Oxide.
5-          Clay.
6-          Chromate Ore
Up to now, we have concluded some contracts in Petrochemical and Steel Industries for Refractory Works, Repair and Maintenance of Furnaces. Recently, we have extended our business to importation of Shaped (breaks) and Monolithic Materials (Refractory Mixes).



In the meantime, we have concentrated on supplying of some light equipment and large scale consumable parts to Tile and Ceramic Industries.



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