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Date & Time
سه شنبه, 13 نوامبر 2018

General Trading

After participation in a Local Tender and doing necessary formalities, a Contract for Recycling has been awarded to ARYA TEC.
Based on the Contract, the Client provides Our Company with Waste(s) in the pre-determined cover and uncovered areas. Considering our facilities in the said areas covering personnel and machineries, we reprocess waste(s) to recover reusable materials for marketing.
Now, we are marketing the followings through Recycling:

1-           Grind Polypropylene in Powder and/or Granulated Forms.

2-           Heavy Plastic such as (PVC).

3-           Lead Metal either in Ingot or Crushed Form with acceptable purity for melting.


With reference to enforced Law and Regulation of IRI, we welcome Foreign Purchasers of Recycled Materials.


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